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Error “Idm client exception: Error trying to join AD, error code [11]” when joining a VCSA to AD domain

On a newly created VCSA appliance, I got the following error when joining it to the Active Directory domainI used the domain’s netbios name\user-name as the user name.Fix: use the User Principal Name (UPN), user-name@fqdn-domain-name, as the user name. After joining the domain, reboot the VMware Platform Service Controller (PSC).

Troubleshoot vMotion Error 195887167

Updated on 07/13/2016. See the update this post, I might find the ultimate solution, even I am still not sure what the cause of the issue.Recently I had an issue to vMotion some VMs between the vSphere v 6.x cluster hosts. Long story short, here are the symptoms:I consistently got the error “Failed waiting for data. Error 195887167. Connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout” when vMotioning (host only, no storage vMotion) on some VMs, particularly the vCenter Server Appliance VM. I had two vCSA VMs. Both were have the same issue. But vCSA is not the only VM that I got the error. I successfully vMotion some VMs between the hosts. The vMotion network configuration should be okay. In other words, some VMs are okay; some are not. The size (CPU, RAM, storage) of the VMs does not seem the problem. The successfully vMotioned VMs can have more/less CPU, RAM, storage than the failed VMs. The failed VM has more disks than other VMs. The vCSA VM created 11 disks by default. W…