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Configuring VCSA 6.5 Backup Lessons Learned

vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.5 comes with the built in backup functionality. Starting a backup is quite easy - login the vCSA web console and click Backup button on the Summary page (see this post for the step-by-step screen shots).
Even it looks a very simple task, I have learned a few lessons when configuring the vCSA backup.
Lesson #1: vCSA backup location is <host_name>/<folder_name>
If using FTP protocol, the backup location is not just the FTP server host name or IP address; it MUST include the folder name. There is a “/” between the host name and folder name.
Otherwise, the error message is “FTP location is invalid”.

Lesson #2: vCSA backup supports the FTP virtual host name if entering the username correctly - <ftp virtual hostname>|<ftp username>
See my Lesson #2 in “Setting Up IIS 8 FTP Server Lessons Learned” about the FTP virtual host name login. There is a “|” between the hostname and username.
Otherwise, the error message is “Access to the remote ser…

Setting Up IIS 8 FTP Server Lessons Learned

To test vCSA 6.5 built-in backup, I need a FTP server. Since I already have a Windows Server 2012 R2 running IIS 8 with web service, adding the FTP server feature is just a few clicks. Even I have not used the Microsoft FTP server since IIS 6, and there are lot of changes between IIS 6 and IIS 8, I thought setting up the FTP server should be a piece of cake. I was wrong! The following are what I have learned on setting up the FTP server in IIS 8.Lesson #1: Windows FirewallAfter installing the FTP service and creating a new FTP site in IIS Manager, I can’t connect to the FTP site from a remote computer; FTP from the server to itself is okay. It must be a Windows firewall issue. I check the Windows Firewall’s Inbound Rules, three FTP rules are created and enabled; and Outbound Rules, two FTP rules are created and enabled. I guess they are automatically created by the FTP service installation. These rules look right, but I still can’t connect from a remote computer.Disabling the Windows …

VUM 6.5 “Cannot download patch definitions” via UMDS 6.5 Work Around

My nested vSphere lab environment does not have the access to the Internet (there is no physical network adapter as the uplink on the lab port group). To update and patch the ESXi host using vSphere Update Manager (VUM), I installed Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) on a Windows Server VM with dual NICs - one for Internet, another for the lab port group. Use the UMDS to download the update, configure IIS as the web server for the update repository, and configure VUM to use the http share repository. It worked fine in vSphere 6.0 and 6.2.Recently I upgraded the lab environment to vSphere 6.5. The vCenter Server Appliance and ESXi hosts are upgraded to 6.5 successfully. vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 bundles with VUM. VUM no longer requires a Windows Server. For UMDS, it can be installed on a Windows or Linux server. Since I already have a Windows server for UMDS. I continue using it instead of setting up a Linux server. But UMDS can’t be upgraded from the previous version to 6.5.I u…

Stop A Task Stuck in vCenter Server Appliance

find out the name of vSphere host running the stuck task if possibleSSH to the vCenter Server server applianceservice vmware-vpxd restartAfter restart the vmware-vpxd service on the vCSA, the stuck task should disappear from the vSphere web clientHowever, the task may be still running on the vSphere hostUse the following steps to stop the stuck task on the vSphere hostSSH to the vSphere host running the task/etc/init.d/hostd restart/etc/init.d/vpxa restart

VSAN 6.2 On-disk Format Upgrade Fails at 5%

I am working on upgrading our VSAN from 6.1 to 6.2. See this from the upgrade step overview. After upgrading each VSAN host to ESXi 6.0U2 (the latest build 4510822 as of 11/01/2016), the last step is to upgrade the on-disk format from v2 to v3.In our case, the on-disk format upgrade fails at 5% with the error message “General Virtual SAN error. Disk Format conversion failed due to unexpected error”.However, check the disk format in VSAN cluster, Manage, Settings, Virtual SAN / Disk Management. A disk group is upgraded to the interim version 2.5 each time I run the on-disk format upgrade. In the screen shots below, I ran the on-disk format upgrade twice. Two of the disk groups are upgraded to v2.5.I keep running the on-disk format upgrade. In our VSAN, we have 4 hosts with 2 disk groups on each node. The on-disk format failed six times. On the seventh time, all disk groups are upgraded to v2.5. Then the upgrade moves forward to the next process - starting remove disks from one of the V…

VMware Tools Stuck in “Upgrade in progress” Fix

I notice the VMware Tools status on some VMs (mostly Linux) is “Upgrade in progress”. For these VMs, I cannot vMotion them to another host; and some of these VMs, the “Edit Settings” and “Edit Resource Settings” are grayed out.Solution:Find the ESXi host running the VM Use vSphere C# Client to connect to the ESXi host directly; Do not connect to the vCenter Server. Locate the VM in the vSphere C# Client Right-click on the VM, Guest, End VMware Tools InstallVMware Tools status changes back to running.Then I can vMotion the VM or run the VMware Tools installation again.