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Troubleshoot PEAP Authentication

Environment:Wireless PEAP with Windows Active Directory domain authentication is configured. (see for the setup detail).Windows Server 2003 with a self-signed digital certificate as the RADIUS server.Wireless access managed by the Active Directory “WiFi Users” security group.Access Point: Cisco WAP4410N with firmware Point Configuration:Discovery (By Bonjour): Enabled Wireless Security Mode: WPA2-Enterprise Mixed (WPA Algorithm: TKIP or AES) Primary RADIUS Server: Windows Server 2003 RADIUS server IP address Primary RADIUS Server Port: 1812 Wireless Connection Control (MAC address filter): DisabledProblem:The users in the Active Directory “WiFi Users” security group were able to authenticate and access the wireless with the wireless devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows XP with SP3, Windows 7, MAC OS X, etc) configured with the PEAP authenti…