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Use WinSCP to Transfer Files in vCSA 6.5

To use WinSCP to transfer files with vCSA, VMware KB2107727’s solution is temporarily changing the default shell from appliancesh to bash, then changing back after the transfer. This works in vCSA 6.0 and vCSA 6.5.

In vCSA 6.0, there is a tick to change the WinSCP’s Advanced, SFTP server setting to "shell /usr/lib64/ssh/sftp-server" (without the quotes) for file transfer without changing the default shell. See “Connect to vCSA using WinSCP

VMware changed the OS from SLES to Photon in vCSA 6.5. The above setting doesn’t work anymore. There is no ssh directory under /usr/lib64/. However, a quick search and find the sftp-server is moved to /usr/libexec/. Using the setting “shell /usr/libexec/sftp-server” in vCSA 6.5 works fine.

Here is the detail instruction.

  • Log in vCSA VAMI UI (https://vcsa-ip:5480)
  • Under Access, enable SSH Login. (PS: enabling Bash Shell is not necessary)
  • Open WinSCP, select File protocol: SFTP
  • Enter the vCSA hostname, port number 22, root, and root’s password
  • Click Advanced
  • Under Environment, SFTP, Protocol options
  • Set SFTP server to “shell /usr/libexec/sftp-server” (without the quotes)winscp.vcsa.sftp.server.setting

PS: I tested the setting in WinSCP v5.9.6 build 7601 and vCSA v6.5.0.5600 build 4951144.


  1. Thanks! This post saved me tons of time today.

  2. Thank you from Finland! You saved my day (or night :))!

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